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Technology Tools

Tech tools and modern technology ease career advancement for people with disabilities. Photo image of Silver iMac with track pad on a desk.
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Technology Eases the Path to Employment

by Patrick Young

Technology in the modern world is always getting better, and we can use it to make our lives easier in so many ways. Technology and apps can be especially helpful for people with disabilities. Whether you are looking for a new job or trying to work more efficiently in your current one, people of all abilities can utilize new technology to get to where they want to be. Here are a few of our favorite options.

The Right Job for You

These days, you need to be reachable for colleagues, employers, and customers, and you want the power and speed to run apps to your heart’s content. With that in mind, the first thing you’ll want to do is make sure you have a phone and data plan up to the task.

Both Android and iPhones have accessibility options built-in these days, so decide what suits you best as a starting point. And there are ample prepaid plans that can help you flex your career moves so you won’t worry about overage charges or slow data when you’re in the midst of a web meeting or file exchange, and some providers will let you pick the phone that you want to use (even if it’s one you already own).

Right from your phone, you can connect to job search sites and apps that will help find the right job for you. abilityJOBS is the largest job site for people with disabilities. They can connect you with potential employers through their online job fair or you can search through thousands of available listings. You can also post your resume, so it’s easier for employers to find you.

If you are looking for a remote job opportunity or one with a more flexible schedule, there are great job sites for that too, such as FlexJobs. They also offer motivational support and expert resources so you can find the job that’s best for you.

Great Apps to Try

With an app like SuperVision + Magnifier, partially sighted people can have an easier time reading. This app uses your smartphone’s camera to zoom in on text. Whether it’s text from a book, report, or even text on an image, this app lets you see it even better. And, it’s simple to use, offering impeccable image clarity. It can also stabilize the images for those with shakier hands. Available on iOS and Android, this app is a sure bet for helping on the job.

Those with partial hearing can use Hear You Now for iPhone users, or Super Ear for Android to amplify noises around you. These apps work with any pair of headphones, so you can use whatever earbuds or headphones are most comfortable for you. One great aspect of this app is that it avoids a common hearing aid issue where all ambient noise and conversation is amplified and not just the voices. These apps work around that, letting you hear only the conversation you are a part of.

For a simple but useful app that lets you see what you are typing with a little more ease, try Big Keys for Apple. It’s a QWERTY magnifier, giving you a large keyboard that even has emojis. With this app, you can customize the size of your keyboard keys. It works with the alphabet, number, and emoji keys. You can even customize it to include themes and custom key color options. For Android, try 1 C Big Keyboard.

New Technology

If you are on the job hunt, it’s likely that you’ll be doing searching online. Adaptive devices can make computer tasks easier for people of all abilities. Check out Enabling Device’s selection of adaptive computer mouses that work for people of all abilities. The Air Mouse, for instance, is a hands-free device that you wear as a headband. It connects to your computer and allows you to control the mouse with only your head movements.

If you’re ready for the next step in your work, you have plenty of options. Technology is advancing in amazing ways, and there is something for everyone. Put tech to work in advancing your career with these terrific tools.