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Accessible Dispatch

Smiling woman in a wheelchair being helped into a wheelchair accessible taxi by man.

Accessible Taxis

Traveling by cab in NYC is always a challenge but when you use a wheelchair it’s even more difficult.  Advocates like Jim Weisman and United Spinal have gotten the NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) to agree that 50% of all NYC yellow and green cabs will be wheelchair accessible by 2020 but wheelchair accessible cabs are rarely seen outside of Manhattan. It is still almost impossible to hail a cab on the street when you are a wheelchair user.  The TLC hopes to solve that problem on January 24th when they officially bring Accessible Dispatch (ADP) to all 5 boroughs.

ADP will allow passengers to request a wheelchair accessible cab (WAV) on demand.  No more waiting a day or more for a ride!  Passengers will just use the ADP app, call or book a trip on line.  Accessible Dispatch will then locate the closest wheelchair accessible vehicle or WAV and send it right to them.

Minimum Wait Time

The goal is to provide service with a maximum wait time of 15 minutes.  Passengers can communicate with the driver as needed during the wait time and will be notified when the cab arrives.  Drivers must wait 10 minutes for the passenger to arrive.

Citywide Availability

With Accessible Dispatch, TLC regulated green and yellow WAVs can pick up passengers and drop them off anywhere in the five boroughs. Drivers know how to safely use vehicle ramps and safely secure passengers inside the vehicle.  They will help passengers into the vehicle and safely onto the sidewalk as needed.  There are no additional charges for service.  Passengers pay only the metered rate.

Accessible Dispatch will give NYC Spinal members more flexible transportation options and make it easier for people with disabilities to live, work and play in New York City.  For more information, see