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Fighting to save ICS

Rumors about Independence Care System (ICS) closing or merging with another plan have been circulating for some time. It is our understanding that this is very likely to happen unless the community can convince Governor Cuomo that this is a bad idea. It is urgent that we work together to prevent this from happening. The Civics League has taken the lead in spearheading this initiative with their letter campaign to Governor Cuomo.

NYS is particularly concerned with the cost of providing care for people with disabilities who require 12-24 hours of home health care services – the very clients that ICS specializes in providing services for!  The proposed service changes are the result of New York State’s inadequate funding of services that many people with disabilities need.

ICS has provided specialized services for our community for over 17 years and is a key resource in the lives of thousands of people with disabilities. We do not believe that other Medicare/Medicaid HMO’s have the expertise or motivation to provide the level of service to the SCI population that ICS does.  We encourage everyone to take action now to protect the health care services you depend on.


Sign the Petition


Tell Governor Cuomo why ICS matters to you.

You can help advocate against this proposal by writing to the Governor.  Here are some points you should include in your letter:

  • Tell the governor who you are, where you live, about your disability, and your background.
  • Say that you are a member of Independence Care System and tell him how long you have been a member. If you’re not a member, tell him you are a family member, caregiver or a friend of a member.
  • ICS gives people with disabilities what they need to live in the community: special equipment, custom mobility devices, expert wound care, and much more. Explain what you receive from being an ICS member and why it is important to you.
  • Tell the governor that you are aware that the State Health Department wants ICS to merge with another managed long-term care plan and what your thoughts and feelings are about this.
  • We as consumers and family caregivers are told that every MLTC plan has the same benefits and services. If ICS closes, they say we will not lose anything. We disagree. We know we will lose a lot. Tell him what you can lose.
  • ICS is known as the MLTC plan that will provide people who need it 24 hours of personal care a day. Other plans will say they can only provide 8 hours maximum—despite Department of Health regulations against such caps.
  • ICS is underpaid for the high number of high-cost people it serves. The State spends plenty of Medicaid dollars, but the MLTC plans with the costliest people do not get enough money. The rates must be raised!

Letters are due by Monday, March 5th.

You may email them to

For more info, contact Sharifa at 347.503.9032.

All letters will be sent over together to show unity.

ICS members demonstrate with the Civics League for disability rights. Oct-13-17

Other Ways to Help

  • Volunteer to speak in a video about the importance of keeping ICS open. Contact Sharifa.
  • Plan a visit to your State Assembly Member and State Senator to talk to them about the importance of keeping ICS open.
  • Share this information with other people who may want to write letters or get involved – family members, friends, other people with disabilities, other ICS members. Share on social media.