Support Groups

Peer Support can make a world of difference.

Do you ever wonder how other people handle situations related to their disability?  Join one of these support groups and find the answers. Peer Mentors and Peer Support Groups provide information and emotional support from the perspective of someone who’s lived through the experience.

United Spinal Support Groups

To find a local support group anywhere in the nation, see United Spinal Support Groups.

Mount Sinai Support Groups

We partner with The Mount Sinai Hospital Department of Rehabilitation and Human Performance to provide ongoing 1-to1 peer mentors and support groups for people with spinal cord injuries.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, most of these programs are now online.

Please see the complete schedule here.


1-to-1 Peer Support

If you are interested in speaking with one of our trained and experienced peer mentors, please contact us a or call 866-692-7242 and we would be happy to help.


Spanish Language Peer Support Group

Spanish Language Peer Support Group

Meeting First Friday of Every Month

In an effort to reach under-served members of our community, we will be hosting a monthly support group for Spanish speakers and their families. Moderators will include Yesenia Torres, Eli Ramos, Jose Hernandez, and Fred Guaraca. Please share this invite with anyone who you may think would be interested or benefit. Thanks!

El Grupo de Apoyo para Latino-Americanos (GALA)

En un esfuerzo por llegar a los miembros desatendidos de nuestra comunidad, organizaremos un grupo de apoyo mensual para hispanohablantes y sus familias. Los moderadores incluirán a Yesenia Torres, Eli Ramos, Jose Hernandez y Fred Guaraca. Comparta esta invitación con cualquier persona que crea que podría estar interesada o beneficiarse. ¡Gracias!