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Liz & Finney & Hurricane Sandy

Liz and Finney

Liz Treston and her service dog, Finney are a familiar sight – zipping around Long Beach.  Hurrican Sandy blew into town and put a severe crimp in their routine.

The hurricane left a path of destruction and damage all along the East Coast that was previously unimaginable.  Liz and her family were lucky to escape with their lives!  Now with winter setting in, they are going about the grim task of rebuilding and getting back to normal…what ever that is after the ocean decides to take over your neighborhood.

NYCSCIA is sponsoring a fundraising drive to help Liz and Finney get back to leading the very active independent life they had before Hurricane Sandy.  Over the coming months, Liz will be blogging here to let us know how things are going and how your donations are being put to use.

If you would like to help, you can make a donation right here on our website – just click the Liz Fund button on our main menu.  If you would prefer to send a check, please make the check out to NYCSCIA and mark “for LIZ TRESTON FUND” in the memo field.  All donations made to the Liz Fund will be used only to benefit Liz and Finney.