Rebuilding lives after spinal cord injury.


Image of Advocacy Task Force members and Disability Rights advocates posing  in front of the United States Capitol buyilding on a sunny day.

The Advocacy Task Force is dedicated to advocating for disability rights. Our goal is to ensure that people with spinal cord injuries and other disabilities are able to fully participate in the community.

Why advocate?

We want to build a more inclusive world. By bringing awareness and advocating for change, we can make accessibility and inclusion a normal part of everyday life.

Advocacy Issues

  • Preserve & Enhance Disability Rights
  • Make All Transportation Accessible
  • Improve Community Support & Services
  • Improve Public Accessibility
  • To Be Able To Select Where & How We Receive Care & Services
  • Harness Our Combined Power To Facilitate Change For The Better
  • Secure & Retain Veterans Benefits
  • Improve Health Care For Veterans
  • Preserve The Rights Guaranteed By The ADA
  • Secure Appropriate Medical Supplies & Pharmaceuticals
  • Obtain Appropriate Wheelchairs & Assistive Technologies

Roll on Capitol Hill

NYC Spinal Advocacy Task Force members are leaders in United Spinal’s Annual Roll on Capitol Hill (ROCH). Each year we join with advocates from across the county to visit with and educate Congressional leaders about the policy issues that impact people living with spinal cord injuries and disorders.

Grassroots Advocacy Network

One way we keep the momentum rolling from ROCH is by being a part of United Spinal’s Grassroots Advocacy Network. United Spinal keeps us informed about policy issues and helps us to mobilize advocates in specific districts. A personal story from one of of a legislator’s own constituents, can have a powerful impact and be difficult to ignore. When you share your story, your words have power and together we can create change.

Help build a more inclusive world.