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Member Stories Connect Us

The best way to connect our community and promote our mission is to share our lived experiences. Sharing our member stories can help bring awareness to the NYC Spinal community, give hope to someone with a new injury and inspire donors to invest in our mission.

Tell Your Story

Help connect our community. We want to hear from SCI survivors and folks living with paralysis due to spinal cord related diseases, their families and their caregivers. Send us a short narrative with photos or a video clip about your SCI journey through the form below.

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If you would like to participate in this project, please submit a short narrative or video. Everyone who submits a story between June 1, 2021 and August 31, 2021 will be eligible to Win $100 Amazon Gift Card. Please see rules here.


Take a look at this list for ideas on what to talk about in your member story.

  • Introduce your self and share how SCI/D has impacted your life.
  • What would you tell your newly injured self if you could go back now?
  • What does being a member of NYC Spinal mean to you?
  • If you have taken part in one our our past events or programs, how did it impact you or your family?
    • Mardi Gras
    • Roll on Capitol Hill
    • Mount Sinai’s SCI Life Challenge Program
  • How did the COVID-19 pandemic affect you as a person living with a spinal cord injury or disease?
  • Are you an adaptive athlete? Tell us about your experience.
  • Do you have a hobby you are passionate about? Share it with us.
  • What’s your super power? Is it the same or different after becoming spinal cord injured?
  • Have you received a grant from NYC Spinal? How did it help you on your SCI journey?
  • Why do you think someone should support NYC Spinal?
  • Advocacy – why it’s important and how to do it on wheels.

Member Stories

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