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Take a Look At This Heart

A film about love and hope.

When Ben Duffy and Dan Garcia set out to make the film, Take a Look at This Heart, they were running on pure passion, and truly believed that they were going to change the world. That belief hasn’t changed, but they very quickly realized that the film they envisioned, would cost them a lot more than passion. After about one month of filming Ben was forced to choose between his job, and the film. He chose the film. So that Ben could dedicate himself full-time to traveling, shooting, and editing, Dan picked up the bills from New York. Over the course of a year, Dan soon depleted his savings account and then some, to the tune of about $39,000, which for a film of this magnitude and quality, is truly a microscopic budget.

98% Complete

Over the past year, Both Dan and Ben have spent countless hours, literal blood and sweat, and shed many tears to get through the production phase of this film. They are about 98% complete now, but post-production costs are perhaps more expensive than production costs, and they just don’t have anything left.

They still need another $35,000-$40,000 to obtain the licensing for the music, master the sound and color correction, distribute and market the film. They’re at the finish line, but can’t get there without your help.

This film is ultimately about love, and loving yourself enough to love someone else.

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